Smart Insights

Website design / Illustration / Icons / Brand

From a constantly changing website with an emphasis on illustration through to branding, icons and marketing infographics, Smart Insights tasked me with creating designs for a variety of different mediums and outlets.

Building Blocks

With an ever-evolving website and variations being AB tested weekly, the design needed to be able to accommodate speedy construction. I designed a series of panels that would work with each other in a variety of permutations, enabling us to put page designs together quickly, like building blocks, to keep up with demand.

Colourful Characters

The Smart Insights website had an emphasis on illustration. I designed a series of character illustrations to embody various marketing concepts and to add some life and colour to the website, here’s a small selection.

Membership Levels

Smart Insights members belonged to one of three membership levels. I designed some sub-branding within the main brand to keep things clear for users, with these layouts, icons and colour schemes.

Organising Toolkits

The huge amount of content on the website was collated into twenty toolkits focusing on different subject areas. I designed a library of images to represent each one to make things easier for Smart Insights users.

Cover Template

Smart Insights content needed to be current and up-to-date. I designed and built an InDesign template so that members of the content team could quickly produce guide covers for their latest work.

Campaign Trail

With campaigns running each month, I created a selection of illustrations representing keywords that worked in different layouts, such as a footer banner and landing page, that the marketing team could pick from.

Blog Page

A lot of these 'brands within a brand' came together on the blog pages. It was important that these individual designs were distinctive enough to stand out from the page and different enough from each other, whilst also looking like they belonged to the same family.