Apollo Medical

UI Design / Icons / Logo

A huge project creating user interfaces for web based medical software used by clients like Man Utd and NY Knicks. I also designed phone and tablet apps, a library of icons for the system, as well as the logo and other branding.

Traffic Lights

Apollo's main goal is to keep the team's medical and coaching staff up to date with the current status of their athletes' health & fitness. To do this we created an interface based on a traffic light system. If a player is showing red on any of the dashboards, they know action is required immediately.

Keeping Track Of Time

The core component of each dashboard and main method of navigating is the timeline. Clearly colour coded and using icons to indicate important events, you can move back and forth and zoom in and out of an athletes' history in whatever section you're reviewing.

Icons Galore

To populate the timeline I designed a library of over two hundred different icons to represent all types of events occurring in an athletes' sporting life, whether they're physiotherapy, medical or fitness related. Here's a small selection of them.

Body Chart

Recording injuries quickly, accurately and in accordance with medical regulations and guidelines is vitally important for a club's staff. We created a body chart to help keep things accurate and speed up the process.

Measuring The Tallest

Every year the NBA put incoming athletes through a range of physical and medical evaluations, from sprint tests to blood tests. They asked Apollo to provide a Basketball Combine version of their software to log and then analyse the data that came back.

Logo Design

Along with a range of other branding, I designed this logo for Apollo. It's three points representing the three departmental aspects that Apollo's software is intended to integrate; Medical, Physio and Sports Science.

On The Move

Keeping tabs on the modern sports professional can be tricky so the Apollo iPhone app lends coaching staff a hand with the job. Used by both player and staff, the app has colour coded UI and simple icons to make the process of monitoring their daily well-being easy.