Brand / Logo / Icons / Infographics

The National Disease Registration Service (NDRS) needed help establishing their own identity before their move from PHE England to NHS Digital. I built them a brand and sub-brands with logos, infographics and an icon library.

Come Together

The new identity also had to make things clear that it was comprised of two functions, (NCRAS and NCARDRS) coming together under one umbrella. Assigning colours, different enough to tell them apart but similar enough to show they belonged to the same family, allowed us to illustrate that and describe the concept within the logo design.

Keeping Consistent

To apply this concept across the different organisations around the country it was essential staff had templates to achieve consistency with their output. I built them PowerPoint, Word, Excel and leaflet templates to make it easier.

Data Is Beautiful

As part of the new brand, NDRS wanted to revamp, rebuild and add to their selection of infographics. Using the new colour palette I created data visualisations that simplified complex data journeys and explained their achievements, while keeping it clear who was responsible.

Unusual Icons

I love making icons! Especially when the subject matter is something a bit more obscure and challenging than the usual standards. NDRS needed a cohesive library of unusual medical-based icons, like tumour and gynaecology, all available in the three brand colours.