National Fitness Test

Website Design / Icons / Illustrations

The National Fitness Test allows you to test your own fitness, track your progress and then share and compare your results. I designed the website and branding and also created icons and illustrations.

Testing The Nation

The National Fitness Test is devised to help the general public get to grips with with the state of their fitness. Aimed at everyone, not just those who take regular exercise but the less than sporting too, we came up with a friendly, colourful interface to help guide them.

Step By Step

To help users taking the tests we built a timeline to hold their hand and guide them through the process. For each step we provided clear instructions, pictures and videos on how to perform the exercise and a simple interface to then record the results.

Tracking Your Progress

Your Results page keeps track of the progress you're making as you take each test, the dashboard shows your calculated score and points out the next steps. The rest of the Profile section lets you compare yourself to national averages and friends.

Illustrating Categories

The tests are divided up into four different sections - Energy, Strength, Flexibility and Shape. I created these illustrations to represent them throughout the site.


Throughout the design process I kept development on track with wireframes to ensure that the flow of each test and user’s progress through the site itself was correct.